The Annual Belmont Criminal Law Journal Symposium was held on Friday, March 4, 2022. This year’s symposium was entitled Global Perspectives: Criminal Justice Reform in the United States and Around the World. Due to the continued spread of the coronavirus, this year’s symposium was held entirely online via Zoom. 

The virtual symposium compared and contrasted criminal justice reform in the United States to nations around the world. The topics included pre-trial rights and appointment of counsel, plea bargaining and trial diversion programs, and reentry reform. There were three robust panel discussions that include representatives from England, Belgium, Africa, Australia and the United States. The symposium included conversations with key members of the criminal justice system including:

    • Kevin Ring, President of FAMM;
    • Cyntoia Brown Long, Author and Speaker;
    • Assistant U.S. Attorney Robert McGuire;
    • Dr. Thomas Smith from the U.K.;
    • Nathalie Vandevelde of Fair Trials Europe;
    • Marcus Floyd, Assistant Public Defender;
    • Kay Kretsch, CEO of Dismas House;
    • Rebecca Shaeffer of Fair Trials United States;
    • Chris Behan, Southern Illinois University;
    • Larry Craig,  Project Return Social Enterprise Director; and
    • Albert Barker with Worldview Australia.
    • Dorris Walker-Taylor, Thistle Farms
    • Chris Young, Tech Entrepreneur and Advocate

Please see the attached list of speakers with their biography for more information. Also, please click here for background information on the criminal law topics discussed.

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